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Practical Magicka

We make mystical experiences accessible to everyone

A cute store to get all your spiritual needs. Crystals, incense and chatchies! Sunday sound baths, psychic fairs, palmistry, tarot readings! Eva and Sagee are the best!
Christine Lyon

Practical Magicka is a haven for the magical and spiritual community. Our handmade products are crafted with the finest botanical ingredients, and we offer classes and community events that cater to everyone from beginners to experienced practitioners.

We believe that mystical experiences should be accessible to everyone, and we strive to provide quality service that helps people connect with their spiritual side.

Spiritual Therapy

Regain your center and sense of self with our spiritual therapy sessions.

Training & Classes

Develop the skills and knowledge to harness the healing power of herbs.

Tarot Readings

Discover important options for making informed life choices.

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Meet our team

Our spiritual experts and energy healers are here to help you release all the negativity in your life and replace it with positive vibes. We offer various services, including aura readings, chakra balancing, and crystal healing. We also sell a wide range of products, from crystals and candles to books on meditation and self-care.

Angela Starling Cook Psychic Medium

Angela Starling Cook

Angela Starling Cook is a natural-born medium and has demonstrated remarkable abilities since she was three. Angela specializes in love and relationships, career, and family issues. In addition, she can connect to the spirit on the other side to give loving and evidential messages to help in your healing and grieving processes. Angela has a warm and caring nature, and all notices that come through our deli are from the heart.

Ashley Floris Yoga Instructor and Reiki Master

Ashley Floris

Ashley offers a unique vinyasa flow class that incorporates reiki and sound healing. This combination is perfect for moving stagnant energy, relaxing the nervous system, and calming the mind. Ashley's types are popular among yogis of all levels, and she always strives to create a safe and welcoming space for her students.

Ciara Titus Spiritual Life Coach

Ciara Titus

Ciara is a gifted intuitive, and spiritual coach. She helps her clients to integrate spirituality fully into their lives, enhance their intuition, and embrace natural healing. Ciara offers intuitive readings, spiritual coaching, energy healing, and end-of-life doula services. Her gentle guidance and compassionate support help people to connect with their authentic selves and live more fulfilling lives.

I found your shop after leaving the beauty shop. I am soooooo glad that I happened to stumble upon your shop!!! I am looking forward to visiting you more often and I am also looking forward to utilizing your counselors for chakra cleansing and Reiki healing. Thank you for being so patient and helpful with me. All the best to you, your son and the new location!
Maria Robinson
Bellflower, CA