Palmistry Class with Suzanne Wyman

Palmistry Class with Suzanne Wyman

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Have you ever thought your life could be read from the shape of your palm? Enter Palmistry, an ancient practice that relies on drawing out hidden meanings in someone’s hand.

Believe it or not, even during a mother’s fifth month of pregnancy their baby starts to form the lines seen on their hands when born! It’s like how ocean waves carve patterns into coastal rocks — fluids are at work shaping our unique palms as well.

If this piques your interest then take note: Suzanne Wyman’s Palmistry Class covers all aspects required for reading palms – starting with hand types and combinations; moving onto basic lines such as heart line, headline and lifeline; exploring fate-lines and endings by using thumb and finger shapes…this is simply scratching the surface though — delve deeper if curious enough!


Date And Time

Thursday 02/16/2023 @ 06:30 PM

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