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Practical Magicka is a heaven for the magical and spiritual community. Our handmade products are crafted with the finest botanical ingredients.  We offer classes and community events catering to beginners to experienced practitioners. We strive to provide quality services that help people connect with their spiritual side. 

Our products are designed to make it easy for anyone to get started with their magical practice. We also offer classes and events for those looking to expand their knowledge.  When you shop with us at Practical Magicka, you get quality products and services made specifically with your needs in mind.

Our team is always available to help if you need assistance connecting with your spiritual side! 




Our Healers and Readers team are the most talented and gifted in southern California! You can book a session in-house or virtually.  Our Reiki Masters are extremely healing and our clients experience peace and healing and have expressed how our Sacred space has made such a difference in their lives.  We are so grateful to our team for bringing their magic to Practical Magicka.  

We continually add classes and upgrade our services, if you do not see a class or a service you would like to receive, let us know and we can see about bringing that magic into our sacred space.  Our magical Professor Sasi is here every Saturday to share his magic and lead a weekly meditation with chanting and third eye activation followed by a fire blessing. Our clients' testimonials show how this has made a huge difference in people's lives and we are so thankful to him for sharing his magic! Hopefully soon, Sasi will guide us on a retreat to India!



Eva holds Free Moon Ceremonies twice a month! This is complementary and helps our community release and manifest! The moon is such a powerful force that helps us through the ups and downs of life! She also is a QHHT - Past Life Regression Therapy! This is life-transforming.  Our Reiki circle is also a complimentary gift to our community! Join us monthly as our Reiki masters join our sacred circle and offer Reiki to those in need as we meet and give and receive healing Reiki. Our Monthly published calendar shows all upcoming classes! so please review and sign up to those classes you are interested in!

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You can also book a personalized tarot reading, a healing session, or a life regression session here:

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Thank you for making the ease of buying what we need for our craft. CHRISTINE LYON

Cute shop, lots of crystals, tarot cards, very welcoming friendly and helpful. Will be back 🙂 KIMBERLY

My goodness, so many crystals and stones and added bonus of all the great body products. JAMIE LYNN

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