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Rev. Latrisha Regnier

Alexis Jade

Alexis Jade, a versatile luminary in holistic well-being, combines her expertise as a Reiki Master, Mindset Coach, and Spiritual Advisor. Committed to guiding transformative journeys, she breaks conventional boundaries with her diverse skill set.

Individual Services: 

  • Tarot / Oracle readings: $50/30 minutes 
  • Mindset Coaching: $100/session (1 hour) 
  • Reiki: $90/ hour 

And we also have classes and courses beginning in February, Book and ask!

Latrisha Regnier is a psychic with angel visions. After a car accident sent her to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead, Latrisha saw a vision of an angel who assured her that it wasn't her time and sent her back to earth. Soon after her miraculous resurrection, Latrisha discovered she'd been gifted with psychic and healing abilities. For over 40 years, Latrisha has used her gifts to help people communicate with deceased loved ones, locate missing persons, find lost animals, and facilitate spiritual healing.

Mike Denevan

Suzanne Wyman

Mike Denevan is a handwriting analyst with over 30 years of experience. He has mastered the unique art of graphology, making him an extremely valuable resource for understanding personality and behavior. Mike's ability to interpret character traits in someone's handwriting is second to none, and he uses this knowledge to help people make better life decisions.

Began studies to train as a psychic at age 16 learning to do Past life regressions and prenatal regressions. Age 17 began taking classes for learning to read tarot cards . Has training in Unity church methods for prayer and meditation Studied with Master Metaphysician Milton Schwartz for five years and began doing parties for various event planners in 1982 . 1990 taught classes and did radio shows.

Worked as a telephone psychic and studied with Alex Lukeman Author of "What your dreams can teach you" Worked in a restaurant called Cafe tu tu tango at the block and at the Grafton on Sunset  Long list of Television appearances, radio shows, has met and done readings for celebrities and Hollywood actors and musicians listed in my online credits and podcasts White sage woman, Goldylocks temple of healing. Came of age during the Spiritual Renaissance in Santa monica attending lectures and workshops. 

Studied with Caroline Myss Jean Houston. Call the store to book a session with our amazing Suzanne! She is also our inhouse reader every Saturday from noon to 4 pm!

Professor Sasi

Professor Sasi Velupillai is a seventh generation psychic palm reader and empowerment consultant. He was born in Kerala, India to a Hindu family. His father, Professor Padmanabha Velupillai, was Sasi’s guru. 

Velupillai describes his father as “one of the world’s most respected psychic palmists, he even worked with men such as Gandhi.” From a young age, Velupillai was entrusted with the legacy of Indian Sanskrit mantras and Vedic rites. Velupillai also has multiple degrees in chemistry, physics, business and communications. He is a doctor of naturopathy, herbology and teaches yoga, reiki, meditation, vedic healing and an ordained minister.

Eva D'Avella

Reiki Master, Reverend Eva D’Avella manifested Practical Magicka!. The best, most complete metaphysical shop of her dreams. As Eva says "Everything for Body, Mind and Soul! She has been involved with Reiki, Crystals, and many other Sacred tools and rituals for a long time. Come meet her! Eva is also a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioner. QHHT certified. Eva holds the full moon and new moon ceremonies totally complimentary. She is passionate about bringing the right teachers and the right classes for our community. If you would like to schedule a healing session with Eva, please book through the site or call the store.! Namaste.

Karen Cobb

"Conscious Manifestation in Law of Attraction "   

Are you ready to unlock the power within you and manifest your dreams like never before? Join us in our unique class where we delve into the art of conscious manifestation, specifically through the law of attraction technique. In this one-of-a-kind experience, we will guide you through the process of creating a vision board in a way that you've never seen before. Discover how to balance your spiritual desires with your physical aspirations, seamlessly incorporating your ability to think and manifest at the highest level. Led by Karen Cobb, a renowned law of attraction coach and expert, this class is designed to empower you to manifest your dreams for the new year and beyond. Don't miss out on this special event that will revolutionize your way of thinking. Join us and embrace a new year with a new mindset. Call now for more information and secure your spot in this life-changing class.

Linda Matyja

Linda Matyja has been working as a Reiki Master/Practitioner for over 10 years. Linda is certified in Usui, Shipiden, Karuna and Kundalini Reiki modalities. Her sessions focus on energy clearing and balancing through Reiki, basic foot reflexology, sound healing and use of crystals, all of which are included in each session. Linda focuses on areas of concern where she gives extra clearing and balancing. Be sure to book Linda at our next Healers and Readers Faire and check out our events page for her upcoming events! You can also call the store or book through our website!


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